Tell your story with an Annual Report

Tell your story with an Annual Report

Annual Reports matter because they tell the story of your progress, the environment you’re operating in, and how you are preparing for the future.

These are important elements to maintain the support of funders, educate and allay detractors, build trust in the organization, and respond to public expectations.

An external point-of-view to can often help identify your theme and tell your story in an annual report more clearly to greater effect.

While annual reports follow a typical model, it’s our process that sets Pinnacle’s Annual Report writing and development apart. To help tell your story, we create a plan with you that can include:

  • theme and message development,
  • personal interviews,
  • data analysis and charting,
  • project summaries,
  • timelines, facts & figures,
  • environmental and trends research,
  • photography and illustrations,
  • director profiles,
  • writing, design and layout including the financials to the print-ready stage.

When you choose Pinnacle’s professional annual report service, we help you present your year in the best possible way. Working together we can support your Annual Report distribution with a media release or an event such as a Report to the Community breakfast which could include speeches, videos, presentations, food, networking, gift bags etc.

Book time with Pinnacle Communications & Media for a discussion about your Annual Report.

How we work

To get started, we spend time learning about your organization. This means we review your business plan, website, previous annual reports. We search through media to find gems that create highlights to bring your story to life. We talk with you about the challenges you’ve overcome, and the challenges you still face. Then we work with designers to interpret and present your results. You’ll be able to review and approve the outline and design we create, and guide us to get the content we need to tell your story.

Engaging Professionals

The process is responsive to your needs. We work behind the scenes with professional designers, photographers, and illustrators. We manage the whole project right through to publication. That means you can stay focused on today.

If you’re considering a do-it-yourself project, here’s a guide that breaks annual report writing down, especially for non-profits, and can help you decide what you to do in-house and what to outsource to a public relations agency like Pinnacle Communications.

Annual Report Examples

Publicly traded companies are legally required to publish annual reports. Most post-secondary institutions, government entities, and non-profit organizations also produce annual reports. This webpage lists some places you can find examples of corporate, non-profit and charitable annual reports.