Marketing & Communications Training

We believe solopreneurs, small business owners and non-profit leaders are more successful when they are confident and skilled in key components of both marketing and communications. That’s where our strategic marketing and communications training comes in!

Nailing these key aspects are even more important in today’s working world, where expertly navigating work-from-home and hybrid employee dynamics are expected of modern leaders.

Here at Pinnacle Communications & Media, we proudly offer skills and knowledge training so that you, as a leader, can make better decisions, more effectively evaluate results, and take action when necessary. Our workshops, online training modules and hands-on coaching work in tandem to advance your business goals.

Pinnacle offers on-line training and workshops so you can learn and apply marketing and communications skills and strategies with confidence.

Group workshops, custom business and individual training, we help you by teaching tools and building capacity to enhance competency, confidence, and effectiveness in meeting your goals.

Some of the custom training workshops and individualized lessons are:

  • Spokesperson Training
  • On-camera video delivery
  • Presentation Skills
  • Media Relations
  • Message Mapping
  • E-newsletters
  • Web Design
  • Online Marketing
  • Customer Relations
  • Customer Journey
  • Social Media
  • Communications

Boost your leadership performance today thanks to strategic marketing and communications training.

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